Best planner 2019: Sort your life out with the best diaries, planners and personal organisers

Most of us want to be more organised. We aspire to tick off to-do lists, productive days and appointments we never forget about. Some of us thrive on apps and calendars in the cloud, but others still prefer something physical and concrete; the solid, indelible stroke of pen on paper. If you’re firmly in the latter camp, then you’re no stranger to the tactile joy of a good quality diary, planner or daily organiser.

An increasing number of companies are bringing diaries and planners into the modern age with helpful features and task-specific refinements which have made them so much more than a place to jot down meetings. Here we’ve scoured the internet for the best planners out there, so you can get to sorting your life out sooner rather than later.

How to choose the best planner for you

Can I get a planner for a specific purpose?

Yes. There are now purpose-designed planners for a variety of purposes, such as tracking diet, travel and general wellbeing. Traditional diary-style planners still have their place, of course, but several examples in this list take the concept much further. Non-dated diaries are also perfect if you want to track a specific goal.

Can I buy a planner that won’t go out of date?

Speaking of non-dated planners, this format eliminates one of the biggest issues with more basic planners. Most of us think about purchasing a brand new diary either at the beginning or middle of the year because this is when dated diaries tend to start, but getting rid of this feature means that your planner will be current for as long as it takes for you to fill it. These work to your schedule, rather than the other way around.

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The best planners to buy in 2019

1. 365 Days Planner: Best planner for creatives

Price: £7 | Buy now from Amazon

For bullet journal fans, or just those who like their planners to be fun, colourful and practical. The Cure 365 Days Planner from Longhui is full of artful doodles and flourishes that complement the more open structure of the planner. Included inside are two double-page spreads for yearly planning and projects, a spread for each month of the year for general planning, 155 individual pages for day-to-day notes and time-batching, and a whole lot more. What makes this a brilliant choice for creatives is how much of it you can structure and fill in yourself, instead of adhering to someone else’s model of organisation.

Key Specs – Dated: No; View: Yearly-Daily

2. Daily Inspirational Lifestyle Planner: Best life planner

Price: £26 | Buy now from Not on the High Street

If motivational quotes stir your soul, then this planner from Not on the High Street is a supremely elegant way to collate your appointments, habits and goal tracking. Spaces for your intentions, priorities and to-dos on a given day are at the top of each page, and many sections are sandwiched between inspirational quotations. Available in three colours, you can even personalise the planner, so it’s a perfect gift either for yourself or for a friend.

Key Specs – Dated: No; View: Monthly-Daily

Buy now from Not on the High Street

3. A Good Plan: Best mindfulness planner

Price: £22 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to implement the ideas of mindfulness, then this planner is for you. Filled with tips and tricks to quiet the mind and attend to your wellbeing, there are also sections for monthly goal setting and review, mantras and, of course, your appointments and plans for the week. Unlike a lot of things that are mindfulness-focused, this diary takes you step by step through the process of identifying values and stressors, and subsequently resolving the latter. Fantastic for beginners and experts alike.

Key Specs – Dated: No; View: Weekly

4. The 6-Minute Diary: Best planner for morning people

Price: £22 | Buy now from Amazon

The ideal companion for your morning coffee, The 6-Minute Diary has become incredibly popular for those looking to take control of their day before it even gets started. Kicking off with 3-minutes of reflection in the morning, the diary also includes pages for 3-minutes of evening reflection, weekly mindfulness and productivity techniques, and habit tracking. It’s not your traditional diary spanning 12-months, but the pages aren’t dated so you can dip in and out as you go through the year.

Key Specs – Dated: No; View: Weekly

5. Smart Planner: Best planner for busy people

Price: £18 | Buy now from Amazon

A great companion for hectic lifestyles. The Smart Planner belongs in the positivity journal family but takes a much more pragmatic approach. It provides sections for travel and financial planning alongside pages such as birthday lists, daily planning and motivational quotes. If you really want to think ahead, there’s even a bucket list section, and a free e-book covering the basics of organisation comes free with your purchase.

Key Specs – Dated: No; View: Weekly-Daily

6. The Procrastinators Planner: Best productivity planner

Price: £22 | Buy now from Amazon

They say there’s no cure for chronic procrastination, but there are certainly tools for reducing its impact on productivity. The Procrastinators Planner aims to help the afflicted get into better habits and stop avoiding their workload in favour of literally anything else. The layout claims to be scientifically designed to optimise productivity, and a 20-page introduction goes over what procrastination is and how to fight it even before you get started. Use the checklists, assign a reward for yourself, and you’ll be flying in no time.

Key Specs – Dated: No; View: Weekly-Daily

7. My Travel Diary: Best travel planner

Price: £14 | Buy now from Amazon

As amazing as travelling feels in the moment, it can sometimes be hard to recall the smaller moments that made your trip so special. My Travel Diary provides prompts to record some of your travel highlights as well as pages for you to record important information such as costs (ah, the romance of holiday budgets). In between trips you can use wishlists and maps at the back of the book that can be filled in as you travel to different locations around the world and when you run out of space, there are lots of designs to choose from for your next set of adventures.

Key Specs – Dated: N/A; View: N/A

8. TABi A4 Note Organiser: Best planner for business

Price: £24 | Buy now from Amazon

A project management tool as much as it is a planner, the TABi A4 Note Organiser is the humble notebook dialled up to eleven. The design of sections and tabs makes it near-impossible to lose your place, eliminating those awkward moments of trying to find a particular note or piece of information, and it allows you to keep everything in one place instead of spread across multiple pads and bits of paper. If your job requires you to manage multiple projects at once, it may be the helping hand you need.

Key Specs – Dated: N/A; View: Project

9. Kraft Peach Grid List Pad: Best planner for students

Price: £8.50 | Buy now from Paperchase

A desktop organiser to fall in love with, the Peach Grid List Pad’s unassuming (and outrageously pretty) exterior belies the sheer variety of life-wrangling material inside. Open it up and you’ll find sticky notes, a pad for your to-do lists and a space for any stray notes and thoughts. There’s even a little envelope for spare bits of paper or receipts, making the planner as ideal for carrying around in your bag as it is for keeping on your desk. A great assistant for planning your day, wherever it might take you.

Key Specs – Dated: No; View: N/A

Buy now from Paperchase

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